Mike lindsay
Mike Lindsay with the 10/22

A Saturday like this is a day to shoot, it’s absolutely still, crisp but sunny. A warm December sun that still warms our faces but isn’t getting  high enough to heat the shadows. Yes, it was time to blow the dust off the Ruger 10/22 and give my new muzzle brake a decent test.

You see I’ve had a bit of hassle with a landlord that doesn’t agree guns should be used recreationally. He thinks a guns purpose is only to shoot the odd animal, he has 2 ancient family heirloom shotguns you see but they rarely see the light of day. I’ve tried explaining to him the merits of shooting for pleasure, that it really isn’t strange that someone could find plinking with an air rifle at paper targets……dare I say it…….fun.  That I know what I am doing and would never take a shot if it was dangerous, that I’ve been shooting for years, that I’m a grown man and don’t need to be told. He’s not a bad guy really, you just can’t get through to him on subjects he doesn’t know much about. Anyway, he doesn’t like me shooting as it “makes him uncomfortable” so I said I wouldn’t shoot on his land, of course I wouldn’t .

My dad lives just down the road so if I feel like an afternoons craic I can bring my rifles down to him and we can both shoot at some targets. It’s always a great day and the company’s good, and I can’t say the same for all my recent shooting experiences but we covered that last blog.

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So I took the short drive up the road to dads, set up our targets one set of three at 25 yards, another set at 45 and a final trio at 60. Loaded up the magazines and started zeroing our scopes, (which incidentally are both Hawke scopes, very basic but surprisingly good value for the money. I would love a more powerful one but, isn’t that what all shooters say? ) I took the Ruger, put in the 25 round mag filled with the best target rounds I could get and took aim. I believe they were S&K round nosed 22s.

You know, it’s scary how quickly you can empty one of those mags, especially when you know you have your zero on lock. When you see the targets react exactly where you want them to that really is a good feeling. The smell of gun smoke in the air is just a bonus.

300 rounds and a pack of stick on reactive targets later is a pretty inexpensive way to have an afternoons fun. 22LR being so cheap makes plinking accessible for everyone, I just wish everyone had the chance to shoot and realise it’s a sport they don’t have to be afraid of. A gun is only as dangerous as the person that pulls the trigger and safety should be first and foremost for any shooter, but people need to see that or have a go themselves to understand. This is why it mystified me that my local club didn’t like outsiders. How can the publics perception of guns and shooting be changed for the better if they are denied access to the sport? Would it not be better for all of us in general if more people got into shooting? Of course it would be.

Still with the news of an article of mine hopefully being featured in Gunmart on the table I can say I’m hopeful that things are looking up, and it’s days like today where I got to spend time with my old man just hanging out, shooting a sweet little rifle and enjoying a lazy Saturday that you realise the little blessings in life add up.

just my thoughts.


11/12/16 UK

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