Shooters in the UK never get it easy, we have to put up with mountains of red tape, some of the most draconian gun laws in Europe, a blatantly biased anti-gun press and a general population that are completely and utterly clueless about firearms.
We are, let’s face it, under constant scrutiny and vilified at any opportunity. So when I see something that unfairly effects us I feel it is my duty as a shooter in the public eye to call it out.

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It’s the root of many peoples woes…………money. Or to be more specific, certain people in the industry trying to rip us off.

I’m sure many of you have noticed that the price of ammo is increasing, from the 22LR to the 12 gauge. And it’s not just getting more expensive for those that prefer to just buy their rounds as gunpowder is increasing also.

Being of a curious mind I asked a friend of mine that owns a gun store what was going on, and what he shown me was eye opening to say the least. You see when he gets a shipment of ammo he also gets a slip with the RRP etc.

On his latest delivery the prices had increased dramatically. A box of .308 for example was £15 more than before.

When he asked why he got a 3 word answer, “It’s Brexit mate”.

Bullshit. We aren’t even out of Europe yet and manufacturers/distributors are already taking the piss.

The same happened me when I went to another shop to get some American Eagle. (I find it to be a very good round for the price). As I handed my license over I asked “what’s the total?” to which it was more than I expected, a whole 20% more. Again the question was asked, “why’s it so expensive?”, to which I got the same 3 word answer.

I gave the same reply, “Bullshit, we aren’t out of Europe yet and this ammo is American”. He just shrugged and said, “nothing I can do”.

Of course exchange rates etc are partly to blame, the margins of increase however don’t seem to add up.


At the end of the day it’s not the suppliers that get the blame but the little guy, the shop owners. The ones that make the least with the whole deal, yet they are the ones that get talked about and vilified.

Then in my experience it is the shops that always get the worst deal. Their red tape is a sea compared to ours. (Licensing doesn’t always make life easy either)

While the fat cats rub their hands and blame “Brexit” they are holding the UK shooter to ransom. We do after all contribute much to the economy as our sport isn’t exactly cheap to begin with. But to increase prices so blatantly and blame the UK voting to leave the EU as a valid excuse is far fetched.

But then, they know there is little we can do about it. They have a monopoly here, we can’t just walk into ASDA (Walmart) and buy ammo like our American cousins. No, they can charge what they like and they know we will pay as we have no alternative.

And if you do make your own they will just charge you more for the supplies.

Then the great British public won’t care, as in their eyes there should be no guns at all, foxes are cute and defecate rainbows, Trump is bad because MSM told them so and “we need more refugees”.

I can tell you it’s not the last time we will see these increases or this flimsy excuse. Hopefully we can negotiate some good deals with the USA post Brexit. Cheap American ammo would be most appreciated if this trend continues over here.

But that’s just my 2 cents. 🇬🇧🇺🇸

-Mike Lindsay

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