It’s hard to ignore the fact that as shooters we are under attack from the political elite. We are often vilified in the media for having the relationship with firearms that we do. To us we see them as tools, as sporting equipment – we view them as inanimate objects that are used.

To the government however they see them as something that needs to be eradicated from civilian hands. In their minds only they should have firearms and I guarantee you they don’t want them for the same reasons we do. Always failing to realise of course it’s not the legal gun owner that causes the problems. Criminals don’t obey gun law.

They don’t want them for competition or for sport, they don’t want them to fill their freezer with free range game meat, no they want them for power and control.

An unarmed population is an easily controlled one after all, even if you only want firearms for sporting reasons this still unnerves those that want to control you.


Since the massive coverup of police negligence that was Dunblaine the media and those in power have went out of their way to vilify all shooters and paint them with the same brush. To label us all as dangerous or indeed psychotic to even want a firearm for any purpose. Even though these are the same people that would gladly shout you down if you dared to tar another group in the same way. Even going so far as to create “hate speech” laws, we are never granted the same protections.

The current mainstream parties are not the shooting communities allies, the Tories are pro tweed and pro shotgun. While I hear a sigh of relief from one branch of the community I assure you ladies and gentlemen they are not pro gun. It is the tories that are as we speak trying to ban .50cal, MARS rifles and anything else they deem to be “rapid fire”. Do you really think semi auto shotguns are exempt in the future?

Labour, do we even have to go there? Corbyn is only pro gun when it’s the IRA holding them.

The Lib Dem’s? 😐🙄🤣

UKIP did come out as pro gun when Farage was leader however the media attacked that with feral ferocity and I’ve heard little since.

So it has left me wondering is there a viable option for us as shooters? Is there a party that wants to give us our freedom and liberty?

AN INVITE I WASN’T EXPECTING I received an email from another party I had heard a little about as my good friend and brother in arms David from Firearms-UK was working with them on firearm policy. The email was very simple, an invitation to the party conference in London for the Libertarian party on the 20th of January.

So I have been messaging backwards and forwards with question, after question on firearms, their philosophy, what they hope to achieve and if they are concerned with liberty in name only. After weeks of this I’m convinced that they deserve to be heard so I have accepted the invitation to hear what they and the speakers have to say.

I will travel to London from Belfast to be there, I will raise my hand for the shooters of this country and work closely with David in order to come up with a fair, reasonable and logical firearm policy that no longer treats us as criminals.

I want a repeal of the handgun ban, a repeal of the semi Auto Center fire ban, I want the airsoft regulations scrapped, I want 50.cals protected, in short I want the freedom back that was taken from us at Gun point by the government. Enough is enough, if we want our sport protected the only way we can do it is to play them at their own game. We need representation in Westminster.

We need logic and reason not knee jerk reaction. We need less government interference in our day to day lives and most of all we deserve our liberty. My thinking is that if shooters were to vote to protect themselves then we could indeed make a viable difference to the political landscape. The more we promote our sport and get in new shooters the more our influence will be seen. Many seats are held across the country by only a few votes.

So I look forward to the conference and perhaps I will see some of you there. I will however keep you up to date and will be there to try my best to represent all of us in the shooting community. I know Firearms-UK feel the same way.

-Mike Lindsay

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