Mike Lindsay outside the houses of parliament

As many of my followers will be aware I was invited to the Libertarian Party UK conference in London along with David from Firearms-UK, in order to represent the UK shooting community and to discuss with members my recommendations for firearm policy.

To say legal firearm holders are under attack by the government here would be underselling it, and as such the shooting community is looking for representation on a political level. So when I was invited to the conference I made the short flight to the capital and listened intently to what the party had to say.

I nodded many times with what the speakers were stating, they are a party concerned with personal freedoms and liberty, less government interference and an attitude of choice. While I don’t agree with some policies I agreed with the majority of what they said. So when the attention was turned to the area of my concern (firearms) I watched the crowd intently while David delivered his speech and recommendations for their firearms policy.

Mike Lindsay with David Ewing from Firearms-UK

He highlighted the fact government target the wrong people as in their myopic obsession with punishing legal gun owners with more and more draconian legislation does not stop gun crime. He addressed that we need firearm regulation based on evidence, statistics and logic rather than knee jerk reaction.

It was also discussed that the subject of self defence with firearms and firearms ownership are two separate issues and to conglomerate the two is not a fair representation of all FAC holders. Most licence holders own firearms for legitimate sporting, pest control or hunting purposes and not self defence here. And I agree with that sentiment.

My own view on the matter of self defence has been well publicised, here in Northern Ireland we can indeed have “personal protection weapons” if you can prove to authorities you have a need for one. It’s a system that has worked flawlessly here for decades and it is of my opinion that if an FAC holder was to train and be vetted to an extremely high standard (self funded) this policy could also be successful on the mainland. The police have had their funding cut to such an extreme level that now may be the time to consider this, but I digress.

I’m in complete agreement that our sport needs to be protected from further legislation based on fear rather than fact. Current “consultations” are proposing to ban certain firearms on the premise of, “what if?” and this is a very slippery slope. Legal firearm holders in the UK are the most law abiding people you can meet, we have to be. More restrictions on us does nothing to address the actual illegal firearm market, nor does it tackle gun crime or the ability to illegally obtain one.

I’ve said it thousands of times but I will say it again, in capitals once more……


If you have the money illegal guns are ridiculously easy to obtain and a recent report by the city of London confirms that as the city has had a 16.3% increase last year on gun crime statistics. The dark web has also made the process almost like child’s play so why continue focusing on the law abiding? Can the money not be put into fighting the black market instead?


So yes after attending and discussing with many members my thoughts on firearms I conclude that as a shooting community the LPUK are a viable alternative. While they are a small party they are building momentum as the population are tired of the current mainstream parties authoritarian policies. We need a party willing to have a logical conversation on firearms and our rights, we need political representation and as such I will be joining the party this week as a member, I will continue giving my recommendations on firearms policy and doing my best to represent the shooting community.

We can no longer sit on our hands and remain silent, we can no longer hope that government leave us alone as they never will, we need representation, we need a voice at Westminster and as such I offer my support to the party. We have to fight back, it’s time to make a stand.

And I’m no longer sitting.

-Mike Lindsay

Don’t tread on me


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