Quite often I’m provided with items for review that leave me less than impressed but every so often you get a diamond in the rough – and this oil is one of those products that left me amazed at how useful it actually is.

My most visited gun store and residence of good friends Field and Stream in Moy Northern Ireland gave me the Ballistol range in order to see what I thought. So I took them home and put them on my “to do pile” and didn’t think about them for a week or two.

Fate however had other ideas as I was given a 1960s .22 blank firing starting pistol that had seized in the late 70s and not used since. The owner gave me a wink and said “Mike if you can get that thing working I will eat my hat”. I’m not one to walk away from a challenge so I got to work disassembling it.

The 1960s .22 blank pistol

To say it was unloved would be an understatement and upon further investigation the metal internals weren’t moving anywhere – to anyone else it was scrap but I figured I had an entire range of oils to try and an old man had a dinner date with a tweed cap.

So I sprayed every inch of the little pistol with the Ballistol Universal Oil and literally just walked away leaving it to soak in.

2 weeks later I came back to see what progress if any had been made and to my utter amazement after cleaning the excess oil it worked perfectly, a pistol that hadn’t operated in over 35 years was cycling and firing like it was brand new, the trigger felt crisp and clean, the mag fed without a hitch and the metal actually looked better.


After my initial experiment being a success I turned my attention to my very dirty (2500 rounds fired) Ruger 10/22. I wanted to see how effective the oil was in removing the debris left from a few intensive target sessions. Again I wasn’t disappointed, I usually use a very abrasive cleaner for which I need to wear gloves however Ballistol claim their oil is natural and non toxic.

Me with my Ruger 10/22Me with my Ruger 10/22

So I began to spray the oil onto and into the rifle without gloves – when my skin didn’t start to peel off I knew I was onto a winner. Again I left it to soak in before using brushes etc on the barrel and the end result was a very clean rifle. The oil protects metal long after it is first applied so I will be making it part of my regular cleaning regime from now on.

On the rear of the can it lists what the oil can be used for which includes,

CARS – parts and internally (cockpit, dash etc)

LEATHER – I now have a 20 year old jacket that looks like new, it softened it up beautifully.

WOOD – I tried it on a water stained counter and it completely removed the mark.

ANIMALS – great for dogs coats, my little terrier can attest to that.

The list goes on.


Anyone that shoots regularly knows that owning a firearm requires you to care and look after it or else it will fail. I would not hesitate in using this oil in the future for my firearms maintenance/cleaning. The fact it’s non toxic is a big bonus for me and it’s other uses make it very handy to have around.

At £12 for 400ml it’s really quite reasonably priced and I will be reviewing the rest of the range in the coming weeks.

-Mike Lindsay



PRICE. 8/10

AROMA. 7/10 (strong at first)

TOTAL 33/40

Highly recommended.


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