(Originally posted on Facebook Dec 2017)

With the last chance to have your say in the government “consultations” concerning firearms now passed I just want to say to anyone that made the effort, thank you.

If you sent emails, contacted MPs, shared posts highlighting what it meant or just spread the word, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

However, I noticed something else quite disturbing during the whole process, there are those lurking in shooting groups around the UK that try to sow seeds of doubt, that mock those with the balls to make a stand, those that welcome more government control and interference and label any shooter apart from themselves as stupid and dangerous. The FUDDs.


A FUDD is an FAC or SGC holder that welcomes more gun control, that wants mag limits on .22LR and semi autos banned, that wants “tactical” stocks outlawed because they are “scary” and might spook non shooters. Someone that agrees with the handgun ban and going as far to say LBPs should be single shot.

They own perhaps a shotgun and can’t understand why someone would shoot for fun. They are a cancer in our community and like any cancer it should be removed.

So I have decided to make a series of memes highlighting the different types of FUDD I have observed during the process.

The first in the series is the “SPECIAL FORCES FUDD”

Now most military or ex military folk are not included in this meme as the special forces FUDD is a very particular kind of person. The currently serving and ex forces followers I have are honestly some of the most down to earth and passionate shooters I know.

But like any good group there are also those that take liberties, send me threats or derogatory comments etc for my pro shooting stance.

The SPECIAL FORCES FUDD truly believes that no Gun should be in civilian hands for any purpose, that their past use of handguns in a military environment makes them experts on all things firearm, and that this knowledge is far too much to handle for the civilian brain. That only they should be allowed access to ranges and they welcome any new regulations restricting firearm use.

They lurk on online forums and report people for criticism on current firearm legislation or if they state they want less gun control.

They happily spread misinformation and anti gun propaganda under the guise of experience when in reality they are just regurgitating the official government narrative.

“Guns for you = bad.

Guns for us = good.”

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