I asked some page followers what image I should use to celebrate, they said “chicks with guns”. Your wish is my command

My little page on Facebook keeps growing as the days roll on, there is a community now that interact with each other on the posts on a regular basis. A family of likeminded people from all over the world all passionate about shooting and determined to fight back and preserve our sport and freedom.

To call out those that mean our sport harm and to stop the rot from inside our own community.

For that I am truly thankful and can’t believe that in such a little amount of time the momentum has built up to such a degree.

I know to many that the total of 4000+ likes isn’t that big a deal, or that the numbers can go down as well as up, I’m not saying that’s untrue. What I am saying is that those followers that took the time to like and react to the posts, that join in on the conversation, that promote the sport when they can, are the type of people that will fight to ensure we have a sport at all.

Another little milestone

The simple act of liking a pro gun post on Facebook will open up other people’s feeds to a pro shooting viewpoint. Any article you share that is pro gun and founded in facts will have a chance of being viewed by a non shooter. Every comment you make on a pro shooting post can be seen by people on your friends list. Over time the facts will start to subconsciously permeate the propaganda through familiarity…..this is how you start conversation and change perception.

So when I see my page has 4000 likes that says to me that’s a potential 4000 people that can be actively promoting our sport by interacting or helping to change perceptions. That we have a foundation to build on and that we are beginning to achieve cohesion and unity. Together we are stronger than splintered into devisive groups all looking out for themselves.

Some weeks the message gets good numbers and others less but make no mistake about it we are being talked about, we are starting to have those conversations, politically we are getting more involved and myself included. We are getting people to try shooting, to explain why we do it, to chip away at the lies and mistruths and to show it isn’t the legal gun owners that are the problem.

People are talking

So, I just wanted to take the time to thank every single one of you. Those that have liked the page, commented on posts, shared pictures or articles, those that read my blogs and visit the website, the people that have come up to me for pictures and a chat, the various game fairs around the country and LPUK who had me in attendance of events – and especially those who have sponsored or donated to keep my work going. Thank you all and let’s keep on fighting.

-Mike Lindsay

If you support my work and want to help you can donate here

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