The title is a phrase I hear repeatedly on social media, during gun “control” debates and in general pro gun groups I’m a part of – and it’s a phrase I believe to be true.

For anyone that’s looked into the subject with any depth the evidence points towards the fact that gun “control” is a myth due to the reality that criminals don’t obey the law. Tight restrictions like here in the UK are supposed to make it virtually impossible to obtain a firearm through illegal means however, it’s almost like child’s play in how easy it is to obtain one via the dark web, criminal gangs or a variety of other sources. It’s only the law abiding sports/pest shooters that are penalised and inconvenienced in the governments pursuit of the illusion of safety.

A screenshot of a site selling illegal guns on the dark web

For anyone like myself that is pro gun and shoots regularly I’m bombarded on a daily basis by memes from antis spouting statistics that usually involve America – and are just a little dishonest or neglecting to tell the whole story. As usual with statistics you have to break them down and ask where did they come from.

For example I was in a conversation the other day on Facebook when an anti replied to me with this quote,

“According to Time magazine Mike there were more than 38,000 gun-related deaths in the U.S last year, how is that not a reason for gun control?”

Now for most people you would solely focus on that number as it seems shocking but I asked for a citation in order to verify where it was they were getting their figures. I know for instance that many anti gun mags count every firearm death including suicides. And when I located the article I read the following,

I highlighted the bit that stands out

Chicago is a city with many problems and gun deaths are one of them due to criminal gangs killing each other in large numbers over drugs, money and turf. It’s also a Democrat controlled city with “gun control” and as usual the law abiding aren’t the problem.

What is seldom brought up by those throwing around the 38,000 figure is how many times guns actually save lives in the U.S. – I found the following info graphic interesting,

American Gun Facts Infographic


The school shooting in Florida has ignited a loud anti gun movement in the states and one that seems to be gaining momentum. However simply just banning guns……sorry I mean, “common sense gun control” is not going to work in a country with as many guns as there are people. One fact omitted by many is that most mass shootings happen in gun free zones such as schools, but I’d like to highlight one incident for the sake of this article and it was a particularly tragic one.

11.20am (CST) November 5th 2017 in Sutherland Springs Texas, 26 year old Devin Patrick Kelley opened fire on unarmed parishioners of the first baptist church killing 26 and injuring 20. One of the worst mass shootings in American history and one the small town will never forget.

Devin Patrick Kelley

As Kelley excited the church he was shot twice by Stephen Willeford a former NRA instructor that was close to his AR-15 at the time. Mr Willeford said in an interview, “Those people were my friends, I kept hearing those shots and I knew every shot might be representing another person getting hit by a bullet. I didn’t take time to put shoes on even, I ran out the door.”

Kelley wore a ballistic vest, helmet and mask however due to countless hours practice and training Willeford was accurate with his shots and hit the killers vulnerable spots. Kelley fled in his vehicle after returning fire and Willeford said,

Stephen Willeford 

“I looked to the left and saw another man in a pickup truck, I ran over and tapped on his window and said, “that man just shot up the Baptist church we have to stop him” The driver Johnnie Langendorff simply replied, “Let’s go!” They chased the killer for 11 miles at speeds of up to 95mph while communicating their position to police constantly. When Kelley crashed into a ditch Willeford got out and covered the vehicle with his AR-15 until law enforcement eventually got there. Kelley was found to have 2 wounds from the AR-15 and a self inflicted headshot wound which ended his own life.

During the interview a woman said that Willeford was the embodiment of the saying (and this articles title) “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”

Willeford simply replied, “I never ever thought I would be that guy. I never thought in Sutherland Springs of all places that that would ever be a possibility. But I stopped his aggression and turned his fight into flight.”

This man is an American hero yet he has been brushed aside due to the fact it doesn’t suit the mainstream media’s narrative. To show why a law abiding citizen should have the right to defence is too much truth for many to handle. This was just one extreme case of a good guy with a gun stopping a bad guy. It happens daily all over the states. Citizens defending themselves and their property from those that wish to do them harm. So why on earth should they give up their right as Americans to do just that?

Rights are easy to give away but impossible to get back, and once they give up one the rest will fall like dominos. America is one of the only places where their rights are set in stone, don’t lose that.

-Mike Lindsay

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