In a change from my usual post I will forgo the article and share a few screenshots from my page messages.

A point antis keep bringing up is how safe Australia has been since their “gun ban”. Below is an exchange between myself and one such anti that messaged me earlier today.

I censored profanity and pics to spare the “gentleman” any further embarrassment.

I feel I must reiterate a point once again, criminals don’t obey gun law, the only people bans affect are the law abiding.

People will kill and injure regardless of any ban the government enforce. So please don’t hold up Australia or the UK as some sort of Utopian paradise free from illegal guns and crime, because they are very far from it.

-Mike Lindsay

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3 thoughts on “BUT AUSTRALIA BANNED GUNS……….

  1. The antis are the same world wide. No other country had taken on our “world class” gun laws! Because they don’t stop squat. We had 150 blocks come through Australia post for crying out loud!

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  2. Australia banned guns .. No our Gov forced us to hand them in if we didn’t we could and would be charged as a criminal if we didn’t. So many people scream guns kill. Before 1996 gun related violence was already dropping in Australia and this BS that the Gov stopped it well is like saying i am god walking among you all just plain BS. All banning firearm has done in Australia is turned us into a Country that can no longer defend its self from invaders from another country also we have appearance law if it look like a assault rifle it is banned any bolt action that even resembles a AR15 is automatically on the banned list regardless of its type bolt action or straight pull .. This country has a history over the years can not control criminals we will attack the honest. Hell certain TOYS are banned in Australia Airsoft taggers , Certain nerf guns are on the banned list to name a couple . To own a paint ball tagger you need a full firearms license and when you do get your paint ball tagger you are not able legally to change or customize it all due to our ridiculous firearm laws. What Australia needs is real punishments for criminals and stop punishing the honest people . Look At New Zealand it has similar gun laws as the USA and has a low gun related crime rate , Look at other Countries like Switzerland and so on . yes things need to change but taking away people abbility to protect them selves and their home and even their country is not the way .. Start teaching Kids to have responsibility and respect. Seems that every time a criminal commits a crime the Australian leaders jump up and down and introduce new laws and do not bother with what laws the criminal has broken we need accountability and serious punishments not banning things..

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  3. Guns are not banned in Australia, they are heavily regulated. In fact there are most probably over twice as many gun owners and most probably many more gun owned in Australia now that there where before the expensive debacle that was perpetrated on tax payers and law abiding shooters in 1996 by the Howard government.

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