Today is a sad day for the UK and one that sets a dark and disturbing legal precedent. It’s been building up to this moment for weeks now, they’ve become more brazen about it there’s no denying that – but today they are finally going to imprison someone……………………….for a joke.

Markus Meechan aka “Count Dankula” on YouTube has been found guilty of a “hate crime” today in Scotland and now faces prison for making a video. Was it controversial in content? Well that depends on your viewpoint.

Meechan lives with his girlfriend and she owns a dog, a small Pug dog. She apparently never stopped talking about how cute and adorable it was so he decided to play a prank on her by turning her adorable pup into the worst thing he could think of…………a Nazi.

He filmed the process wherein he trained the dog to get excited by the word “Jew”, then moved onto “Do you want to g** the Jews?”. Eventually working his way up to getting his four legged companion to raise its right paw when someone uttered the phrase, “Sieg Heil”.

Now while the joke was in bad taste I agree, it did make me laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of the prank when I watched the video. And that’s the thing about humour it’s subjective, I identified the joke but others might not. People however should never fear prison for making a bad joke that’s utter lunacy but we are now living in a country where that is the sad reality.


Only last week three journalists were detained on entry to the UK under section 7 of the anti terror act then banned from ever entering the country again. Their crimes? “Racism” according to the Home Office (and wanting to interview Tommy Robinson) but the reality is they have spoke out against radical Islam, the current white genocide going on in South Africa and the child grooming epidemic and violent crime in the UK.

Tommy Robinson delivered one of their speeches (ironically about free speech) at speakers corner to thousands of people all there to show their disgust at the establishment censoring thought and freedom of expression.

Days previously the Leaders of Britain First were sent to prison for “hate crime” after they leafleted an area “and shouted abuse” that a child grooming gang out on bail were operating out of a chip shop. The parties 2 million+ likes Facebook page has been banned as well as their videos deleted from YouTube in the same week that government have been pushing a censorship narrative.

While many people celebrate these events as they don’t agree with the people politically I feel I need to point out a simple truth. There is no such thing as hate speech, freedom of speech should not depend on if someone can get offended or not. Freedom of speech is exactly what it suggests in the title, the freedom to state an opinion without fear of reprisals by government. If you want to make a video of a pug doing a Nazi salute go right ahead but I have the freedom to call you a tit. That’s the beauty of it, say something I don’t agree with and I can call you out for it or debate my viewpoint in order to show others why I think you’re wrong.

You don’t ban speech or freedom of expression because someone “believes” it to be offensive. You don’t put people in prison for making a joke or writing an opinion. You don’t essentially ruin someone’s future job prospects for criticism of a religion or belief system by convicting them of “hate crime”, for the love of God has the country gone insane?

Liberty is dying in the UK and if we don’t step up we will never get it back, we are literally at a turning point here and I fear many won’t wake up before it’s too late, they won’t see it until they come for them too.

A quote I heard many moons ago in school has stuck with me throughout the years and it’s one I feel is very apt for the current situation in the UK.

The internet has made it possible for people to obtain information without a filter and this terrifies the government, hence the continued attack on speech and thought by the establishment and mainstream old school media.

-Mike Lindsay

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