Anyone with an interest in firearms regardless of their location couldn’t help but notice the anti gun bombardment currently happening across social media and in the land of the free. It’s relentless, and the left wing media have found some kids to hide behind that can say what they like with impunity regardless of facts.

The kids in question witnessed a school shooting, a tragic event I’m sure we can all agree. However it appears to be that many want to deem challenging their flawed rhetoric as socially unacceptable or “un-pc” in order to push an anti gun agenda and silence genuine criticism. News outlets like CNN however seem very happy to feed them what to say and keep them on the network constantly.

Hiding behind kids like this is nothing new, it’s a tried and tested tactic to silence dissent and to control the narrative. Adolf Hitler employed the same strategy.

The UK experienced the same tactic after the tragic event of Dunblane, a primary school in Scotland that endured a shooting wherein 16 kids and a teacher were shot dead and 15 were injured before the killer shot himself. The media frenzy that ensued didn’t focus on why the shooting happened, the fact that the killer was known to police as unstable yet got to keep his license or indeed his friendship with the chief constable. No, they focused on what he used, guns.

So instead of tackling the police negligence the government squarely put the blame on the inanimate object used and they sought to tar every single legal gun owner in the United Kingdom as dangerous and not to be trusted. What followed was a knee jerk reaction and making standard handguns illegal essentially in England, Scotland and Wales.


No it actually made it worse by 40% and it has never dropped below pre ban levels. We are in a very bad place in the UK at present – as I type this there have been 8 murders in London in as many days. Guns are ridiculously easy to get hold of on the black market and it seems it’s only the law abiding that UK gun law effects in any way.

I’ve said it many times recently but I will say it again, Britain should be viewed as a warning not an instruction manual. We have no rights here in 2018, since our Firearms laws were tightened we have lost more and more freedoms. We do not have a right to free speech, we do not have a right to assembly…..under anti terror law you don’t even have the right to remain silent. Our police are at a point they actually celebrate confiscating a butter knife. And now it seems a demographic in America wants to go down the same road.


A lie you will see from now on my American cousins is the heading above, they will claim they only want some restrictions but the reality is they will not be happy until all law abiding Americans are unarmed. Like any pressure group they will never be satisfied and like a cancer will only get worse as it gains ground. The recent “march for our lives” event clearly shown many of the protesters don’t want a conversation on firearms, the root causes of violence or how to tackle poverty and drugs in urban areas. They would much rather disarm the law abiding.

Their grand plan is quite simple really.

They aren’t even trying to hide it at this point.

They think if you ban guns they will go away.

It worked for drugs………right?


The situation really is astounding when you consider it, a country that fought for its independence against a government wishing to disarm and tax them into oblivion now has citizens actually calling for their rights to be stripped. To alter the constitution, the very foundation of America itself and a freedom us Brits can only imagine. I wonder what those souls in Fort McHenry would think today if they could see it.

Where men gave their lives through constant bombardment from the British Navy just to keep their star spangled banner flying in defiance. “And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there”.

I don’t think they would tolerate it quietly that’s almost certain.

If you knock down one domino the rest of your rights will follow, you cannot just surrender your freedom and expect those in power to treat you with respect, that’s myopic to say the least. Defend your constitutional republic, your freedoms and your rights as if you give them away you will never get them back.

States already have restrictions on firearms and I sincerely doubt making more will stop crime in any way.

-Mike Lindsay

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  1. Mike, your words of encouragement are a breath of fresh air, even for those of us living the 2A struggle daily. I was stationed at RAF Upper Heyford in the early ’80s, and LOVED Oxfordshire (I lived in Wheatley) and all that I saw all across the country. I watched with great interests the almost-constant strikes of the time, and as I was not an avid gun collector at the time, blew it off as I went down to the local, drank my ciders and brown-and-bitters and spent hours at the oche.

    I STILL love England, and would LOVE to go back, but I’m not the innocent I once was. I used to research terrorism in Europe at the time, but STILL never made the connection -WE weren’t going to be hit, after all…that was for the protestors outside Greenham Common! Now, if I couldn’t carry my carry piece, I’d feel worse than naked; I’m not sure I could enjoy England as much as I used to, and that’s beyond sad.

    Since I returned in the mid-’80s, I’d become more educated (college, actually) as well as active in the shooting sports. I once thought that if things became too draconian HERE, we could pack up and go somewhere where we could live as we pleased in peace & quiet…like in Yorkshire. But I couldn’t bring, let alone USE my guns there now…if I could’ve even then. SO, I feel almost resigned to stay put and fight – for my rights under our Constitution, which a good many expat Brits (as WE were now ‘Americans’, not British subjects) did. Would I be wrong in assuming that’s analogous to YOUR situation?

    Either way, I’d be greatly honored if you would email me at your convenience. I miss being there very much, and it would be great to touch base with another ‘gun person’ elsewhere.



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