The following is a series of posts I made on Facebook, I have apparently been shared to a far left feminist group on the site and rather predictably I started receiving messages dictating to me to remove any pictures I had posted of beautiful women with firearms.

Anyone that knows me personally can confirm a few things,

I don’t take orders from people.

I dislike stupidity immensely.

I take issue with people trying to censor me.

I take issue with threats.

I don’t back down easily.

I will publicly call you out if I feel it’s needed.

Now meet Emily from NY.

All you will now see was posted to my Facebook page in response to messages.


For any further complaints please send an S.A.E to,

Mike’s complaints department,

P.O Box 1911,

22 Muh Feelz Lane.




“I bet you think your funny posting a screenshot of a genuine complaint about the blatant misogyny you seem to enjoy on your page. Posting women with guns isn’t empowering its sick you *******, real women don’t fetishise guns!”

-Emily from NY

Well Emily I’m sorry to hear you feel that way, perhaps some day we can laugh about your easily triggered nature but until then please enjoy these pictures of an IDF soldier that just happens to be gorgeous. All the best 👍🏻


“You should know that we are mass reporting your page you should have just took the pictures down when we asked but your too stupid like a typical knuckle dragging male. There is no place in 2018 for women being fetishised with deadly weapons. F*** you and your page you British t***!” -Emily from NY

Hi again, well I’m glad you have something to occupy your free time with and that I can inspire you to get active.

It does my heart good knowing that my little page has been on your mind and that you have dedicated so much of your time to promoting it to your friends. I sincerely hope you enjoy the picture which was sent to me via this page by a female follower from your own country…….a little further south though. They seem to be more easy going there.

Look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Lots of love

-Mike xx

P.s *you’re


“You don’t seem very smart Mike, I realise whatever I write you will publish so I won’t message you again, just know this people like you are the s**t on the shoe of society and hopefully you meet your end with what you fetishise you absolute c***” -Emily from NY

How lovely of you to take the time to write again, I hope you are well. Yes I will indeed publish your words as I think you are a marvellous representation of the sort of people ruining society with ludicrous labels and infantile logic. While you view me as s*** on a shoe I would honestly view you as a skid mark on fresh white underpants…….but I digress.

As I’m sure you’ve figured out by now I won’t be giving in to any of your “groups” demands, nor will I apologise for loving shooting sports, beautiful women, femme fatale photo shoots, appreciation of firearms……or my worst crime, mocking you.

You want me to die via a gorgeous woman posing with an unloaded firearm wearing sexy clothing and heels?………….ummmmmm

Have a lovely day Emily and as usual here is a picture of what you hate to remember our time together with.

-Mike xx


“You really arent fooling anyone mike with all this pro women in shooting stuff on your page. Your a misogynist with a fixation on death. And stop mentioning me you c*** unless you want another mass flag campaign. Do you really think any women really believe you give a shit?”

Emily from NY

Hi again Emily I trust you are well. I actually do give a shit however I realise that will be hard for you to understand.

You see, I believe that shooting is the ultimate equaliser. You don’t have to be the strongest or the fastest to succeed, it matters little what gender you are, what colour skin you have, if you have disabilities or not. The firearm makes it possible for everyone to take part.

The sport for a long time has been viewed as a mans domain only in the eyes of society, as I know this isn’t true I do my upmost to encourage everyone to try it, to take it up and to change public perception.

The more people that take part will equate to more voters with a pro gun perspective, more people taking up the sport and more FAC holders in the country.

I assure you Emily I am pro shooting and want everyone to try it.

As usual however when you message me I post a picture of gorgeous women in a glamour shoot with firearms as I know it drives you and your group of the perpetually butthurt mad.


-Mike xx

P.s I think the reality is you actually have a fascination with firearms, the fact you dedicate so much of your time to getting triggered by them seems to confirm this. But I won’t deny I am a bit of a c*** around idiots.

4 thoughts on “THE TRIGGERING

  1. Absolutely excellent- calm, thorough and directly to the point. Good skills for any shooter! Well done Mike! You are a great ambassador for shooting sports. Ken P

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  2. G’day My Lindsay.

    I always read your material and I have to say that this one is a beauty. We are just the same in that bullies make us repulsed and have us do the exact opposite of their wants. Good for you and thank you for the hilarious craic.
    ~ Amo.

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