“You really need to just shut the **** up your drawing attention to shooting. If you really want to save the sport then let it go under the radar. The less attention we get from public the less MPs will want to take our guns. People like you just dont know when to give up. Do you really think anyone knows who you are?” -Richard from Manchester

I’m intentionally promoting shooting Richard, I’m intentionally trying to grow it, I’m intentionally encouraging more people to get licenses, I’m intentionally posting instances where our legislation is failing, I’m intentionally countering propaganda…..

I suggest if you want to remain silent that you do so, if you want me to do the same however I’m afraid I only have 2 middle fingers. If you want me to give you one then get in line.

I’m not sure how you want me to answer the question…….as apparently you have already heard of me. Perhaps you should sit back down and let shooters with passion and drive take over the reigns, as we already have. I wouldn’t want you exerting yourself.

Thanks for the question.


  1. British Shooting which is the recognised body in GB for target shooting is developing a Champion Schools competition and a new sport called Target Sprint which is like a short biathlon. The objective is to encourage the young in a popular sport. Don’t hide what is a legitimate sport. We need good publicity.

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