Internet Censorship, Libertarianism And The State Of The UK

Theresa May released a video recently and it’s one that has sat uncomfortably with me ever since I witnessed it. In it she laid bare her plans for government “Policing” of the internet……… media, but make no mistake they have already meddled in other areas, porn for example.

All under the guise of “keeping the children safe” of course. Who could possibly debate against an argument with such emotional baggage as that, right?

Make no mistake the internet scares the establishment but not for the reasons they publicly cite, it’s not about keeping us safe or our children, it’s about control of the flow of information.

A control that up until only a short while ago the government and the pro state mainstream media had full access to and control of.

The internet changed this, no longer was the common man subject to a reliance on the old guard for information or news, no longer was it nessasary to be spoonfed “truth” and instead people could see what was really going on for themselves.

Cultures could evolve naturally and permeate into others, a true globalism and one that MPs seem to fear. The UK can partake in its own “American style gun culture” for example, a community if you like. Same for political anylists and journos.

For the first time in history the people were in control of the exchange of information – and state failure and government shadiness was on open and uncensored display for all to see.

It gave us the ability to dissect every story, event, statement, hearing, bill, backroom dealing, rumor, it allowed us to give rebuttal, talk back, organise……..this is a direct threat to those who seek to manipulate control. And so you see them organise, slowly but surely into a tighter grip on the throat of the internet………”for the children” of course.

Make no mistake the laws concerning speech on the internet, porn you can and can’t watch or need a license for, “hate speech not free speech” idiots, EU copyright law, de-platforming, police hounding of “troublemakers” is all designed to do one thing, silence the people, stop independent journalists reporting the truth and criminalise those the state disagree with.

It is all a direct attack on your right to speak your mind. It is a direct attack on your liberty, your freedom. If you want to think about the children Mrs May then you should be concerned with their ability to think freely now and in the future.

I’m disgusted at how quickly we are descending into this mess and how little resistance I have seen. Worrying times ahead.

Libertarianism to me has never seemed so nessasary an idea as it does now in the UK. We however as a culture need to embrace the concept of freedom and individual responsibility and that is harder than it sounds when living in a nanny state.


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One thought on “Internet Censorship, Libertarianism And The State Of The UK

  1. What can one say? It’s all been said before. Big government = “1984” – Orwell got it right years ago.


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