Death threats are a common occurrence these days for people who speak out on a subject, it comes with the territory I’m afraid. If you are on the internet with a platform in any way and say something a group doesn’t agree with then that group will get angry – some of them get more than angry and send you some unkind words, but then you get the small fringe that will decide to try to intimidate you into silence by threatening your life. I get them quite often as I speak out for shooters, gun ownership and the steady erosion of liberty in the UK.

Now I’ve said many times before that an online death threat is akin to a complete moron shouting at you from a moving train and it’s true, they are nothing to worry about – it’s usually just a bored twat puffing out their chest from the safety afforded them from being behind a keyboard.

Look at Scott for example,

I assure you I didn’t lose even a moment’s sleep worrying that this prime specimen of manhood was building a profile of me so he could take shots when I wasn’t looking. No, I laughed in his face and he slid back to whatever echo chamber he came from.

I’ve honed a very effective technique of trolling these people and the result is always the same, when they realise you don’t really care about them in any way they get bored. Pics of kittens absolutely infuriates them though that’s for sure and I have a fine collection of pussy pictures I’m willing to share with these morons at a moment’s notice.

Many of my friends that are prominent in the shooting world get death threats, harrassment and indeed packs of trolls trying to silence them.

So why am I sharing this with you?

Well that’s simple, the press have in recent weeks clamoured to make Chris Packham a martyr as he was apparently targeted by people angry with his quite astoundingly myopic stupidity in regards to a legal challenge he made on the general license in England.

A system that has served the countryside well for a long time and ensured pest control was effective – but in one fell swoop he damaged the system, in turn destroying crops, ensuring egg eating corvids multiply and left lambs having their eyes literally pecked out as farmers and pest controllers could no longer protect them.

All in the name of virtue signalling to those with little understanding of the countryside to the detriment of everyone else that works in it.

He was apparently (and I do say apparently as I’ve yet to see proof who actually sent them) targeted by a few people who sent him a wooden dick in the mail, hung 2 dead crows from his gate and generally said mean things about him.

Imagine that, people getting angry that a Prada wearing townie messed up the system that stopped pests getting out of control and decimating crops and songbirds. (Of course I would never call him a Prada wearing townie, I’m merely mirroring the response I seen for myself )

Unlike people like myself and others that get regular threats however Mr Packham went on a full PR assault to play the victim. And why not, in a PR sense it got him public sympathy, what struck me as odd however was he refused to do an interview on live television when shooting organisations were invited to the same program.

If his belief in what he had done was just why did he avoid debate with those willing to correct him and counteract his narrative? Surely his ideas on pest control could stand up to the most basic of scrutiny.

Regardless however he was recently rewarded for his behaviour, the man has a tax payer funded platform after all with many people believing anything he says.

I however do not fall into this category and much prefer to see evidence or at the very least debate against those with a premise that could be damaging to the countryside.

To be perfectly honest I haven’t watched the BBC in years and much prefer to find out news myself rather than being spoonfed a bias…….and the BBC is extremely biased in regards to certain issues.

In 2019 we have politicians/candidates having milkshakes thrown over them by emotionally stunted adult babies that can’t form a decent rebuttal or even begin to have a meaningful debate, the worrying thing is however that this childish stupidity is being encouraged by the mainstream media – but only for those that the establishment disagree with.

Heaven forbid if you were to call a mainstream approved female politician a Nazi though as that would be in the news cycle for weeks, with the same people now throwing milkshake feining revulsion and grabbing their pearls.

It’s rank hypocrisy, a two tier system and one that will not end well. If you embolden the easily manipulated to violence against those right of Stalin it won’t be long until their targets retaliate and it escalates.

I digress however, my point is nobody should be sending online threats but they do, as a pro shooting guy I get targeted by many people and I’m ok with that. It’s the internet so it comes with the territory and like I stated at the beginning of the article it’s usually an idiot in a basement and an internet connection.

If Packham actually was targeted then that’s not acceptable, the press are unfortunately very selective with their outrage it seems.

Milkshake over Farage = hilarious

Egg on Corbyn= 28 days prison

Brick thrown at Tommy Robinson = caution

Calling Soubry a Nazi = press trying to destroy your life and endless whining in the papers with a court case for harrassment.

While the chasm between city and countryside gets wider we can fully expect to see more stupidity like this in the near future in regards to shooting, hunting and pest control.

My advice is don’t bother engaging with the sort of tag-nut that would throw a milkshake as they are way too far down the rabbithole to enter any meaningful conversation.

Instead speak with those that are reasonable and correct the myths being perpetuated by the sort of people that would release someone else’s farmed pheasants into the wild, only for all of them to die.


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