The internet can be a funny place sometimes, over on Reddit a battle of epic proportions took place. Meme farmers verses veterans of the great meme war of 2016, brother against brother in the ultimate battle of meme supremacy…….or supre-memeacy?

I give you,

The Grandma with a water pistol meme shootout 2019.

The rules are simple, take the pic below of Grandma shooting her water pistol and put her in more and more crazy memes.

And so battle began.

Bank heist Grandma
I hope that’s talcum powder
Ok maybe not then
Like a thief in the night
She will strike down upon thee with great vengeance
Don’t touch my handbag sonny
That’s dark
Obvious meme is headline
Grandma’s hands are weapon enough

Wow I knew doing one of these meme articles would be simple but this is ridiculous.

Like a you’ve been framed format on ITV back in the day only showing pics with crap captions instead of hilarious VHS family camcorder clips of people falling over.

Still some of the creativity on offer is why I love the internet. Always good for a laugh.


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