There really is few things in life better than shooting with a good friend, there’s just something about the experience that helps you bond.

The sound of lead hitting steel plate, the smell of spent powder, the ring of the brass when it hits the tarmac all combine into something that little bit special when you’re at the range.

Granted there have been instances when the good time has been spoiled by others but today wasn’t one of those days.

I was filming some products I have for testing and managed to persuade my mate Louise to come down for the day, it’s always a good day when we shoot so I was looking forward to it. Especially when I had to do the last bits of filming with the HK SP5K and I will miss Hans (that’s what I Christensed it) when I give it back after my long test to the guys in Field and Stream in Moy NI.

I’ve previously reviewed the HK so I won’t go over old ground but I will say this, if you have the means to do so and want a semi auto 9mm that kicks ass in every way and is a little different – buy the SP5K……..but I digress.

Louise looking happy with Hans

Todays primary focus was testing a few products I have for review however so our time was spent filming, testing and of course shooting.

The problem however when filming something as unusual as the HK at a range in Northern Ireland is that you are guaranteed to get people wanting to squeeze a few rounds through it, and I happily oblige every time…….yeah I’m a bit of a softy underneath it all.

So the HK attracted a couple of shooters as I was walking to the practical range and of course they started asking about it, how I came to have it – and after letting them shoot until they felt satisfied and they had a massive smile on their faces, the guy told me he had something I may want to try.

He wasn’t wrong.

2 beautiful CZ Shadows – one in orange with a special barrel and one in blue.

Now I hadn’t shot a CZ for a long time and really hadn’t tried new models – I remembered I was satisfied with the feel of the older one, so naturally I took the opportunity to fire both.

To say I feel an evolutionary leap of sorts has taken place would be selling the orange short.

The barrel reduced the lift of the muzzle beautifully when firing the 9mm, the grips were comfortable and the shape of the handgun is very pleasing to the hand.
The CZ 75 SHADOW trigger felt smooth, crisp and precise.

The sights were very nice as well with fiber optic front and tactical “Novak style” rear sights which really did facilitate much faster aim point acquisition for me.

After using my Glock 17 Gen4 for over a year now I have to say I prefer the feel of the CZ overall so I may be in the market for a new purchase soon, my bank manager is sweating I’m sure already.

That’s the beauty about shooting there is such a diversity in firearms to choose from and a club is the perfect place to try new things.

It’s just a shame the powers that be seem determined to relegate gun ownership to history or at the very least make life as difficult as possible for anyone that enjoys squeezing a trigger, harming nobody and minding their own business.

Still I’m lucky enough to live somewhere that you can still pick up a handgun as a grown man and empty a mag without being arrested and imprisoned – I just wish the rest of the UK had the same luxury.

Perhaps if we keep encouraging others to shoot and letting them get trigger time we can turn the tide of misinformation and fear.


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