In shooting as in life your own personal safety as well as others should be forefront in your mind. Trigger discipline, range etiquette and awareness are all key however how much attention have you paid to your hearing?

I know we all wear some kind of hearing protection when at the range or otherwise – you would be mad not to, but I have found over the years that over ear protection gets in the way and let’s be honest here they are a bit dated these days.

For example I had a pair on test for 12 months from a manufacturer that had great amplification of the environment, the problem was when I shot my 12 gauge they always got in the way of me getting comfortable, my ears always got hot and sweaty…… be honest I grew to hate those things.

When I went to the Northern Shooting Show I was introduced to Decibullz as they had a stand across from me – so I bought some.


I purchased the standard ear plugs at the show and the percussives later so I will discuss the standards first.

You receive a left and right ear piece, various size ear plugs, standard Decibullz filter and carry bag.

The process of moulding was very simple you boil the kettle, pour the water into a mug, put the piece (one at a time) in minus the filter and leave it for 5 mins. After the time has passed take it out and wait for 30 seconds. Put the filter back in and put the plug into your ear cavity. Now mould it to shape……’s that easy.

As for the percussives it’s exactly the same process only the filters are different.

You also however get a separate pair of mouldable plugs minus the filters and a very handy carry case.

The plugs are comfortable when you mould them correctly and you honestly barely know your wearing them. The standards do exactly what they are supposed to as in they block loud noises from irritating your ear drums.

I used them while cutting grass, drumming and shooting and honestly I’ve no complaints. For an RRP of £29.99 they won’t break the bank either and thanks to the fact you mould them yourself they will be able to change with you, and your ever evolving ears.


The percussives are what I was most interested in though to be honest as I was looking for something that allows me awareness of my surroundings but blocks out gunshots and they do this better than the standards.

The only way I can test these efficiently is to go to the range with as much firepower as I could get and test the hell out of them……. so I did.

So the semi auto 12 gauge came out and I’m happy to report I’m not deaf, they didn’t get in the way of my comfort even with restricted movement in my neck due to arthritis, I could talk with my cameraman during shooting and was aware of what was around me – all while they protected my ears during shooting a very loud firearm.

Next up was the HK SP5K 9mm, this thing is loud and again I’m happy to say I’m not deaf, very happy but definitely not deaf………right enough messing around it’s time to bring out the big guns.

I went indoors and brought out a .308, as any shooter that’s been around one knows it’s quite loud in an enclosed space even moderated so I felt this would be the ultimate test.

An A4 sized target was set up at 100m and 5 rounds were sent downrange. Again they handled the blast while still allowing me to hear speech and movement and if I’m being honest this surprised me a little.

Again I tried it without moderation and they still left me with my hearing.

The video below shows the moderated test in action and yes I changed my shirt.


My conclusion is simple, when the plugs are fitted correctly they do what they are supposed to.

They are comfortable to the point that I forgot I was wearing them a few times.

The percussives do a very good job at allowing a level of hearing without a batteries, mic and amp set up like active over ear defenders.

The range is affordable compared to a lot of alternatives out there with the standards at £29.99 and the percussives at £89.99

The fact you can mould them anytime you want to is a big selling point for me as you can mould them for your own comfort at anytime.

The included case with the percussives makes them unlikely to get lost.

And with a wide range in the pipeline from Decibullz I’m excited to see what they release next to be honest as my two purchases so far have left me feeling very satisfied.

Would I recommend them?

Yes I would.

For me these plugs have been one of my best purchases in 2019.

And they are now available UK wide as some dealers in NI are finally stocking them.


One thought on “Decibullz, I put them through their paces. Should you buy?

  1. Reading this review was a pleasure. Nothing fuzzy or fluffy. Just a good read that did exactly what it was wanted, entertain without any contrived style, and be informative without hyperbole at the same time. – works for me. Thank you Mike.

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