When I started writing and reviewing firearms I was already writing political commentary for a magazine in Australia. The content was of such a nature that I would get death threats and harrassment on a regular basis and it was a very short time before I realised this could be avoided.

Like many other writers out there I chose a name that meant something to me and used it for every article or piece of work I put out there. Now this really isn’t an issue when your market is around 10,000 to 12,000 however, since switching from political commentary to my other passion shooting, my reach is a considerable amount higher……..like 250,000 a week higher.

I still get the death threats and harrassment, I still get random angry people searching me out but I always had that tiny bit of a safety net that made it a little harder for someone to set out to harm me or my family.

So why am I telling you this now?

Quite simply I have been given word that an individual out there has gone out of their way to get my real name out there to as many people as possible putting my life and my families at risk from the kind of people that think nothing of killing 9000 game birds, the laugh here is the guy is in the shooting community.

So I will lift the veil for my followers instead, my Pen name is Mike Lindsay, I answer to Mike, shooters know me as Mike but my birth name is Chris.

To clarify I took a different name to write, I use it to protect my family and myself from idiots, if you have heard it’s a pen name it is, my question is though is it really a big deal?

Now that feels like a weight off my chest.

If anyone has an issue with this I will be happy to ignore it from this point on

All the best.

3 thoughts on “WHAT’S IN A NAME

  1. A cotton-ball nerfed ‘sword of plasticine’ wielded by a man who’s sweating soy from every pore says more about his motivation than any swamp soaked dox blurb. – Your full name, splashed on every spinning newspaper around the world. (I think Tinkerbell had a hidden pouch of glitter or toenail clippings or something? Whatever. Same impact in a world of “horrific” exposé)

    Good for you Mike, and your transparency of anecdotal news. I suggest this because these cretins always forget about the concept of accidentally hanging themselves by their very own tongue? ‘Streisand Effect’ anyone?

    Thanks for the heads up and the good read too.
    Amo Zeta.

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