America is a country I’ve loved for many years but alas one that I hadn’t had the opportunity to explore until now. It comes up many times in my area of interest here in the UK, as well as being the country most cited by those wishing to argue against my pro firearm stance. The media hysteria and insistence on immortalising psychopaths intent on gaining that guaranteed notoriety by shooting unarmed fellow Americans, manifestos and all, appears to cause a continuous perpetuation of mainstream anti 2nd ammendment rhetoric and virtue signalling.

So when I got the chance to go to Atlanta GA and see for myself how a pro gun society can work I took the bull by the horns, got on that jet and made it my mission to shoot as many guns as I could……… And boy did I do just that.

As soon as I got my arthritis ridden body in some kind of working shape that first day on American soil I made my way down to allegedly the largest Gun store in America “Adventure Outdoors”. I’d heard on Fridays that you could take advantage of a full auto deal involving an HK G36, a firearm that had been on my bucket list for quite some time now but unfortunately back in the UK you need special permissions to fire one. Here however, I watched a basic range training video, went to the firing line, and let it rip in a safe and controlled environment.

While I was firing the actual assault rifle it crossed my mind that this is what freedom tastes like and unlike a certain journalist that fired an AR-15 a couple of years ago named Kuntsman I didn’t develop PTSD……. On the contrary I merely thought to myself, “Why can’t I do this at home without begging the home office for permission?” After all I had an RO behind me, the range was safe and insured, the firearm was reliable and stored there when not in use. Why then can a similar system not be employed in the UK? Why can’t I come off the street, hire a firearm like I did, buy ammo, take a safety course and then shoot on the property?

Next up was another couple of firearms I badly wanted to try, an ex military M1 and a BFR 30-30 which was very kindly supplied to me by Ron who drove over 4 hours just to meet me. I was honestly humbled that he made the effort. Again we were left to it, there was no panic or several miles worth of hurdles to jump through but then I’d literally been surrounded by people carrying handguns from the moment I set foot in Georgia. The sight of a pro gun Northern Irish guy wasn’t unusual like it is back home after all and my enthusiasm was applauded rather than ridiculed.

Now I could just sit and list every firearm I tried on my trip however it would turn this piece from writing with flow to a very long shopping list, but needless to say I sampled everything from several AK-47s right through to some 300 blackouts and I never felt unsafe, I was surrounded by citizens carrying protection firearms and I never felt unsafe, when I went and purchased my own Buck knife and openly carried it on my belt in public I nor anyone else felt unsafe. I had more comments about not carrying a firearm than the knife itself to be perfectly honest yet back in Blighty you can get arrested for carrying a bloody potato peeler as our government views anything with an edge as an “offensive weapon.” The Buck is a serious tool that’s for sure it cuts like a katana and it’s guaranteed to make UK MPs quite literally froth at the mouth with righteous indignation.

I spent my entire trip marvelling at the freedom of it all, at the attitude and understanding Americans have of their own personal protection, liberty and strive to protect their constitution. Don’t get me wrong I spoke to liberals over there as well, they gave me their view on how the constitution should be scrapped in favour of “safety given by government” the irony being they still carried personal protection weapons while preaching to me about needing less rights.

When I relayed to them UK law, how gun control evolved here to total control and explained the intricacies of our own system they were horrified at their own short sightedness. Their apparent hatred for their own president, history and constitution suddenly was brought into focus when I cited our own capital, the prevalence of gun and knife crime and yet the majority populations total inability to even discuss protecting ourselves in any way. Pepper spray after all is classed in the eyes of our authorities in the same list as a machine gun, section 5………… Let that sink in, an item used to give you time to escape an attack, that’s non lethal, is seen as just as illegal as an actual assault rifle in the UK.

“But didn’t the fact everyone had a gun make you afraid the wrong person had one?”

No, one thing I noticed was everyone was very polite. It pays to be nice when people can ward off any attack. An armed society is after all a polite society and as such those wanting to cause trouble publicly where everyone else is armed isn’t smart. Hence why mass shootings tend to happen in areas where people have been disarmed and can’t shoot back.

I realise for most Brits reading this it sounds like the wild West but it really isn’t, personal safety and individual responsibility isn’t as far fetched as you have been taught it is, when seconds count after all police are minutes sometimes hours away. You only get one life and it’s important so why entrust it to others? Georgia has it right as far as I’m concerned in many aspects.

That being said the spectre of gun control is slowly creeping into America and has been for quite a while, I was in a gun friendly state – head north to New York or West to California and you can see what happens to States that take apart their own constitution, you get skyrocketing gun crime and shootings. The Democrats can’t seem to figure out that removing firearms from the law abiding only leaves the criminal armed, but then neither can the UK.

An MPX I used at my favourite range in Atlana called “GA Firing line”

I got a small taste of freedom and liberty stateside and it pained me to get on that plane again knowing its flavour, a land where you have freedom of speech, the right to a fair trial, you don’t need permission to protest and most of all you have the right to protect yourself, your family and your home with firearms.

As alien as that may sound to you I want to finish with just three simple words.

God Bless America.


4 thoughts on “A BRITS EYE VIEW OF THE U.S

  1. Mike I enjoyed your visit.
    I wish I would have been in better shape to be able to shoot with you. But in time my shoulders will heal, I didn’t dare cancel my trip to Atlanta due to my accident, and we had the plans in place way before the accident.
    I knew how much you were looking forward to shooting the BFR 30-30 & the SRM 1216.
    Soon I will again enjoy my freedoms of target shooting both at the local range and IN MY OWN BACKYARD!
    And oh yea getting back out riding my Unicycle’s!!!😂🤣

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  2. I am a brit who emigrated from the UK because of high inheritance taxes and the pistol ban . I have to say where I live criminal violence is a tiny fraction of what it is in the UK . I put this down to two things . Armed law abiding people and a criminal justice system that hands down serious jail time . They incarcerate at about five times the UK level and have under a fifth of the overall violent crime rate . Its a shame the media only concentrate on the murder rate and do not even look at the rape and assault rates .

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  3. Mike, just immigrate here….Hell, you can live with me rent free for years if you want. I’m in central Louisiana on the edge of deep woods where whenever I want I step in my backyard and fire my guns all day.
    I get in my huge motorhome and travel the whole country(except California, and a few other gun control states)whenever I want….AND I carry my guns along.

    Friend, you simply have NO idea how it feels to be totally free, so in total control of your safety and your life and future like we do here.

    Soon, I will spend the whole winter in the great deserts of our Southwest living off-grid with all the comforts of home including internet and TV.

    I served over 20 years on nuclear submarines imprisoned in a steel tube underwater, so I consider my freedom today the very most precious thing there is.

    My dad was career Army and me career Navy, so I have traveled this whole world, and I can tell you from personal experience there is NO PLACE better than right here in the USA.

    So immigrate here and escape the tyranny and oppression you experience there…Food and rent free….Hell, you can do the driving of the motorhome.


    1. Keith Stewart
      You would have to teach him how to drive on the right (proper side) of the road!!!
      And the left (proper side) of the car!!!!

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