As I sit here in the crisp autumnal sunshine trying to comprehend the fact it’s been almost an entire week being back in the UK – I’ve had difficulty most with…… For want of a better term…….. “Freedomlag”.

As I said in my last article I tasted liberty there and I liked it. Freedom of speech, freedom with firearms, these were rights and freedoms I’d never seen properly up close. You couldn’t offend someone and get done for “hate speech” for example. You won’t get arrested for a mean tweet or a comedy video of a pug saluting. Hell even carrying a bloody big knife on your belt didn’t even attract a glance from anyone.

No I was a bit like a kid that’s never tasted sugar being given a gallon of Cola and the keys to a fairground. It was intoxicating.

However I was merely a tourist to this land of liberty and as promised got back on that plane and touched down in a land very different to the place I left, at least from my own perspective.

What I’m trying to say is like a bird born in a cage it’s possible to view flying as unnatural, until that bird goes past the bars and spreads it’s wings for the first time, only then can it experience the freedom that it was missing.

That’s how I feel now, and with that change of perspective I’ve looked at UK shooting and am wondering.

Where’s the fight back?

Where is the PR campaign to promote gun ownership, culture and use in the UK? A lot of money is put into organisations here after all so surely this is possible, right?

Where’s the billboards, ads and social media pushes?

Why are we still hiding? I mean what is it people are afraid of exactly?

Is it ridicule?

Is it fear of losing your firearms for thought crime?

Why is there no charge, why is it always retreat?

Where is your fighting spirit?

What seems highly evident to me is that in the UK the tree of liberty isn’t quenched the same way as our American cousins, it’s quenched with Gold.

If you want change here it seems cash is the way to do it, so would it be possible to follow the soap opera of Brexit’s lead and challenge some things in court?

Are certain pieces of legislation in place concerning shooters lawful for example ?

Why can’t we all pool together resources and launch a valid campaign?

Just thinking out loud however change needs to happen in regards to the old fashioned way things are done here. We live in an online world now, we have the power to reach great swathes of people, plant seeds and change minds.

It’s time to put the typewriters away lads and fight back, to regain the bulldog spirit and take the lead once more to unite to get our freedoms back.

Or, we can just keep doing the same old crap and hope for a different result………. It’s worked so far……… Right?


4 thoughts on “Where Is The Fightback?

  1. I agree totally which is why I got out when I saw the way things were going . When I was young I often heard people say ” its a free country ” when someone said bad things . Now I constantly here ” we are not allowed ” .
    The generational change in mindset is terrible but not a shock . As Reagan said ” freedom is only one generation away from extinction ” In the UK its very close to extinct !

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  2. One route would be to leverage the difference in laws between Northern Ireland and the mainland. Why is self defence okay for them but not for us here in England? Perhaps if there were some marked increase in violent crime in the future, self-defence in Great Britain would start to get support; who’s to say we won’t be like Brazil or South Africa within the next decade? Everyone would want their own pump-action in that situation – at least.

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  3. Hi Mike. Good stuff.
    Imho, the money is only there when the cause suits the agenda of those in power. The courts are as corrupt as the day is long. The media are totally controlled.
    Like many other areas of policy, a group of committed people with time and capabilities is the only way forward.
    Do you know what became of, by any chance ? That was the nearest thing I’ve seen on this side of the pond to a people’s movement to influence the way things should be.
    best wishes

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