Halle Germany Shooting With Homemade Firearms.

Thanks to the unique way social media censors the truth I will put the post that was originally on my page here. As a Journalist I find it extremely disturbing that a platform is censoring news and my views were deemed worthy of deletion.

Halle Germany.

A psychopath killed two people outside a synagogue in the eastern German city of Halle on Wednesday, filming his attack on a head-mounted camera and live streaming it in a method that was reminiscent of the attack on two New Zealand mosques earlier this year.

His firearms were homemade.

Below is from his “manifesto”.

His ammunition was homemade using even cardboard casings in some instances.

His pipe bombs were homemade.

Can we now admit that gun control doesn’t stop a madman with murderous intent?

Can we now admit it isn’t the object but rather the person using it that is the problem?

I will say it once more, these firearms are homemade, the ammunition is homemade, his explosives are homemade.

He successfully managed to kill 2 innocent people even with his crude ammunition and makeshift firearms.

You cannot legislate your way to safety by assuming the guilt of every citizen.

Your gun control failed.

-Mike Lindsay

17 thoughts on “Halle Germany Shooting With Homemade Firearms.

      1. Mike,
        I would like to post your article on Ammoland.
        I write for them regularly, I think they would be interested.
        I don’t think they would be willing to pay for it, though.


  1. With the careful preparation that went into the making of those explosives and weapons, he only killed two people. I am thankful for whatever it is that tripped him up and saved lives.

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  2. Agreed, he successfully crafted viable firearms and ammunition from literally scratch and it was only lack of refining that stopped more people from dying.

    Thank god he didn’t as if he had perfected them a lot more people would have died that’s guaranteed.


  3. Mike,
    I would like to post your article on Ammoland.
    I write for them regularly.
    I think they would like it, but cannot guarantee anything.
    I might have to do an excerpt and link.

    I do not think they will pay for the article, but I would like to get the word out.

    Dean Weingarten

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    Any MORON who keeps whining and LYING about Port Arthur and Christchurch being false-flags is HIMSELF A FALSE FLAG designed to make gun rights people look as nuts as he is.

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