I’ve been asked by many to comment on a petition that is circulating to cancel a shooting show in the UK.

I’m not sure what you want me to say exactly, the people organising and supporting the petition are the sort of w⚓s that can’t be reasoned with, or that choose to ignore that hunting and pest control is a very necessary part of the artificial eco system we have created in order to mass produce food.

I realise it’s not the mainstream or popular thing to say these days but it doesn’t make it any less factual, if you were to outlaw all hunting then the damage to that eco system we have created would be immense.

Think about it.

Populations are maintained for a reason, pest control is done for a reason. If you want to lead a vegan lifestyle that’s entirely up to you, and I fully support you, however don’t pretend for a moment no animal life is taken to produce your crops. It’s people like me shooting the rabbits that are eating your lettuce for very grateful farmers. I even eat what I shoot so I have a very clear conscience thanks.

The divide between town and country appears to be growing thanks to the Internet and sab groups faking videos then asking for donations, while galavanting through other people’s property dressed like bloody terrorists in land rovers bought thanks to the gullible.

Imagine if these idiots were in your backyard harassing you

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and people wanting the very nessasary act of pest control and herd management banned are literally stoking the fire of stupidity and are myopic beyond comprehension.

If you have zero experience with countryside management or live in a city and see actual countryside on a train then I implore you please study what it is you protest, find out information from both sides of the argument and admit that while you don’t eat meat animals still have to die to bring you that “guilt free” food option. The only difference is any animals that die to feed you are wild and you don’t see them.

I guarantee any animal I’ve shot and eaten lived a free range and good life, more so than any factory farmed meat.

Is it too much to ask for a little understanding or dare I say it, gratitude?

I’m sure my words will be met with revulsion by some and applause by others but it is the nature of the argument I’m afraid. It doesn’t mean I won’t quit the habit of a lifetime and say it like it is.

An example of tolerance from people against animal management after Charlie Jacoby from Field sports Britain appeared on This Morning

Hunting has been a way of life for as long as humanity has been on this planet, we did it with spears and bows back then (oddly illegal to hunt with bows now in the UK), we have firearms now but that’s the only difference.

Any meat you see in a shop means an animal has died to bring it to you, stop pretending it just appears.

All the best


2 thoughts on “The Problem With Petitions

  1. Well said, Mike. Like you say, everyone wants an opinion or point of view, but there is a distinct (and growing?) group that want this without allowing others to have different opinions or views.
    The link between the need to control animal populations and efficient food production are generally missed, especially when the food product is fruit or veg. Just shows how little people know and understand about how food is produced.
    I find the twitter message from Sonia Wilkinson particularly interesting. We kill animals as part of a managed control of the population, finding a balance between food production and maintaining a reasonable size population of ‘quality’ animals, without any specific love for the actual act of killing, although admitadly taking some enjoyment from the overall experience; she on the other hand actually desires to kill you – so not only ironic, but worrying.
    The peeps in the various farming and shooting organisations clearly need to get out more, get into schools, colleges, youth groups etc and education young people about food and farming, so when they grow up (hopefully), they are able to make informed decisions based on a critical understanding of all information available.


  2. My favourite comment I have had, from the hard of thinking, is “why don’t you buy your meat from the supermarket instead of murdering it you sick bastard”. Yep, that meat magically appears all shrink wrapped in the supermarket and no animals were harmed in its production. NOT!


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