Pennywhistle Sab Hunt Cancelled

Breaking News. (!)

The first annual Pennywhistle Sab hunt has been postponed due to complications with Sab donations.

Riders and hound owners have been training their animals for the past 12 months to track the smell of Lynx Africa, Benson and Hedges and PayPal donation slips in the hopes that hunts and sabs can get along in the first of what many hope to be an annual extravaganza.

Above: Sabs waiting for the whistle to start running last Wednesday in a practice for the main hunt

Dierdrie (54) who represents the “Conswattle Unified No Trails Sabs” (C.U.N.T.S) stated, “we were very excited to be asked to lead a trail for the hunt to follow instead of a rag soaked in aniseed, unfortunately we have stopped receiving donations from supporters who want us to trespass and lay roadkill in the hounds path instead. The Land Rover we got on HP from previous donations won’t pay for itself, so we have decided we won’t be attending the hunt.”

Above: Weary sabs after a 10 mile chase with a rider and hounds that caught them on the practice run

The leader of the hunt Colin when asked by Mike Lindsay Firearms for comment simply stated, “I think we have layed the groundwork here to show how to get these people to stay at home, ask them to do something useful.”
Further adding, “I still don’t understand what these idiots have against hunting a rag anyway”.

More to follow…….

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