As someone that stands up for what they believe in I am fully prepared to receive pushback from those that disagree, to have others deride you at every opportunity simply shows you’ve made a stand for something in your life. And by God have I made a stand.

My views aren’t PC by any means in the UK, to be pro shooting, hunting, pro ownership, Libertarian and openly pro constitution for want of a better word scares those shooters that want to remain silent.

I understand their logic, they think by being subservient without complaint it will protect their favourite discipline or facet of the sport.

However I disagree, and the constant progression of bans, restrictions and injustice in the UK for legal owners confirms my stance. Remaining silent and submissive are all the ingredients you need for a loss of liberty and it’s a dish the British have gotten used to consuming.

I appreciate those that seek me out with a level head to debate or indeed other owners that want to discuss their own views on the topic, I’m an extremely approachable and tolerant guy when people are friendly however, when approached with anger my patience is very low and I will troll you. When subjected to gossip and backstabbing my patience is lower, and it all gets back to me.

Threats and intimidatation attempts are nothing new to me, it’s old hat and my views and openness to the problems in shooting have caused controversy in the past.

I’ve openly called out a club at which I was mistreated for example, have openly called for change and promoted my current club for their open minded attitudes yet they are very often the butt of the joke to others while in my mind being the most forward thinking.

Yesterday I received threats to my page from someone who I know has been very vocal around my local scene in regards to myself in a highly negative way along with a small group of others, has repeatedly approached me with anger and accusation and indeed took it the next step by issuing threats directly to my page.

Threats I took very seriously.

Using my family name rather than my well publicised pen name that is in place to protect my family from people who wish to do me harm, threats about turning the shooting community against me here in NI, threats that my views were looked down upon and “Let’s see where that gets you”, threats that they would “see me soon”.

Accusations that I know nothing about shooting, legislation, Libertarianism or politics and that by “attending a gun range in America doesn’t make you an expert”, which is correct however I never claimed it did and shoot very regularly here at home.

I work tirelessly and without fear for something I truly believe in, I won’t be silenced and the individual involved has since revoked his statements after realising I wasn’t going to take it lying down or indeed tolerate such actions from anyone without seeking legal advice.

And that includes those that go to my friends shop in order to make thinly vieled threats about targeting me based on my disability.

I won’t name anyone as the individual has agreed to forget I exist, to stop the gossiping and attempts to cost me what they can and to move on with their lives, I have no time for such petty goings on to be honest and I have blocked them from my channels and work profile as a standard protocol like any other threats I receive, after of course documenting them and putting them in a named folder.

I however needed to make it clear, so hence the post.

I now operate a zero tolerance approach with regards to threats or petty bitching, a line has been drawn over this incident for now, but another has been drawn in the sand.

In times of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act, I understand this.

But don’t think for a minute I will back down by being threatened, don’t think for a minute I will back down to bullying attempts, bitching, finger pointing or sullying of my character.

In the message he asked to be part of my question of the week, a regular feature on my main channel as many of my followers know.

His question is as follows,

I use a pen name as I’m a published writer, it protects me from the crazy people that disagree with me and send threats be they A.R protesters, anti gun types, ANTIFA, or even Fudds.

I was a political commentator and wrote as Mike Lindsay before I was known in the Gun world and wanted to keep the name so I could have a complete body of work under the same Nom De Plume, it let’s my family sleep a bit easier and makes it harder to track me down. I have a vast amount of experience in regards to what I do and don’t need approval of random people with a problem, my success should be an indication of this. I have considerable reach worldwide with my posts and channels and am in the process of setting up a legal pro shooting organisation in the UK to try to mount a very real fight back for legal owners.

I am Mike Lindsay, there’s no separation.

If you don’t want to stand beside me that’s fine, but get out of the way.

All the best and thank you for allowing me to vent.



  1. Well said. I can fully sympathise with you as I hold views almost identical to yours and have done for almost 50 years and have never ceased and never will to state them. It can be a pretty lonely place at times but what the hell, all a man can do is speak the truth as he sees it and if someone doesn’t like it that’s their problem not mine. Anyway keep up the good work, stay strong and good luck to you.


  2. I agree entirely with your position, absolutelyt no way anyone who makes threats should be given any space at all, it needs stamping out. There are plenty of ways to disagree with someone without threatening them, their family etc.
    I look forward to the day when I feel I speak my mind (which I don’t believe holds outrageous thoughts) without fear for myself and others or risk of career detriment.


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