*originally posted to Facebook on 30th September 2020


Usually I would copy and paste any comments or questions I get from idiots however as this one came from Lantac UK CEO Paul Oglesby I figured I would just post it in its entirity.

Here’s the thing Mr Oglesby, you commented on an article from June last year I penned exposing how badly you conduct yourself and your business, you have zero idea of how a company CEO should present themselves and if the queue of people I had come to me after it was published is anything to go by many agree that your after sales care is non existant. Coupled with the fact I’ve tried one of your rifles and I couldn’t get it to feed properly put me off your products completely.

The fact you have been hanging around my site to get triggered by someone else’s comment on the piece would say I’ve got to you in a very big way and I live in your head rent free as honestly I never think of you in any capacity. Definitely not over 12 months later that’s for sure.

All the best Mr Oglesby I will go back to ignoring you now and your products as frankly I enjoy quality.

Kisses xx


To read the review that’s upset Mr Oglesby click here ❤️

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