The UK is a complicated place and one with many rules. It matters little what it is you plan to do the state will have a say in how you do it. This goes double for the world of legal shooting and firearms ownership – it goes without saying you need to enjoy jumping through hoops to own one legally.

So my thoughts have wandered to why some clubs and shooters here insist on treating the sport like a highly secretive old boys club and I’m scratching my head as to how they think this protects shooting in any way whatsoever.

I can see the logic don’t get me wrong, to them by keeping it secret and only having people they agree with on every level joining their clubs they feel that if it’s kept quiet enough no MPs will bother them with more needless legislation.

Here’s where my thoughts go however,

By keeping shooting needlessly exclusive you don’t grow firearm ownership or encourage new blood to take up shooting, in turn your membership consists of people in older age brackets that fear anything new and you end up having your old members eventually die off, leaving both the club and shooting in the area starving for new faces.

Eventually your secret club vanishes completely and those that would rather civilians didn’t own any firearms laugh at your stupidity.

While I understand and have seen first hand license departments punish people for being open about their passion it in no way puts me off from promotion of ownership or shooting.

Shooting sport is perfectly legal as is ownership.

Talking about it grows interest.

Taking people out shooting grows interest.

Opening up clubs to people a little different than yourself grows interest.

For shooting to survive in 2021 shooters need to realise that having little cliques or bad mouthing others that do value their liberty isn’t going to save their own skins, on the contrary sitting on your hands is the worst thing you can do. Now I’ve been accused before of being too vocal and speak my mind too well……. Here’s the thing,

Sitting down and saying nothing will not stop more attacks on shooting, it hasn’t worked in the past and it definitely won’t work now that they have removed pistols and semi autos above 22. Hell they just banned MARS rifles, please pay attention.

Anyone noticed an attack on Fieldsports lately?

Being timid isn’t going to win any rights back – you need to say it like it is.

You need to be politically aware and able to navigate social media to fight the cause, you need to engage with MPs, you need to challenge the narrative.

You think this guy is going to stop?

I’ve had people try to stop me from speaking, I’ve had threats from various activist groups, messages from “shooters” threatening me that they will “see me soon”.

I’ve had “hunters” that live near me try to Doxx me,

vegans threatening my life……. And none of it stops me.

If something is wrong and you know it is in legislation it is your duty as a citizen to challenge it.

Stand up for what you believe in and stop being cowards.

For those who do fight back, God speed and I will stand with you.

If you plan on doing nothing then get out of the way.



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