New Olight BALDR Mini In The Collection

Made the leap and added the BALDR Mini to my Olight pistol light collection.

I know there are some that like to rip on them but I’ve used them for years and have always found them to be good quality and reliable.

After all I did award Olight UK with my trusted retailer award and I don’t just hand those out. I’ve even had a few people fall out with me for not giving them one.

Size was my only criticism for my last 2 BALDRs but that was more an aesthetics thing with my firearm the lights perform magnificently, along with lack of rechargeable battery but I got one as it had a red lazer then the olive green one with a green lazer- the mini fixed that with the lazer incorporating to the light itself rather than looking added on.

It leaves a crisper look to your pistol and saves weight. Very smart indeed.

It fits with a rather nifty sliding feature that allows you to adjust the light to your finger tip reach for optimum access and that all important built in battery with charge lead option. The green lazer itself is very easy to pick up even at a reasonable distance and the light from the torch is quite dazzling.

I can’t wait to try this out properly at the range with the SFP9 Pistol.

Full review coming soon.

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