Gun culture in the UK and the US are very different and have been for a long time. The United Kingdom has a legal system around firearms based on the lowest common denominator while the US has a system based on their constitution and a gradual evolution between the different states in degrees of erosion of that liberty.

That being said the US is a lot more Liberal than the UK in regards to legislation surrounding firearms in ranges and their use. For anyone that’s been to a gun friendly state in the US, or even a gun friendly country in the EU like Czech Republic or Poland – the simple freedom of being able to go to a range, hire a firearm, receive instruction and use that firearm in a safe environment is for many in the UK a dream that either takes a lot of hassle or is unattainable.

And it’s definitely the case here if you want to use a handgun or semi auto above 22 without joining the armed forces or police. I’ve had the privilege of being able to walk off the street and hire handguns such as a beautiful 1911 in 45, an AK47 in semi auto and even a full auto HK.
I shot the rounds I purchased in a facility custom built to make my experience safe and enjoyable, with targets that moved automatically and a helpful face on hand should I have any issues. Why is it though that in the UK this would be unthinkable?

Why do we legislate based on the lowest common denominator in society? And why is this deemed as acceptable by the majority here?

Why is the UK so content with being treated like children with every piece of legislation that comes our way and so much so that the concept of shooting a handgun on a range seems foreign?

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