People around the world should recognise the fact that the UK has over a period of decades and cut by cut made firearms ownership a dirty concept to the majority.

It didn’t happen all at once, no it happened one small cut at a time, usually on the back of a rare tragedy/crime and perpetuated by those that would rather militarise police forces while at the same time making it virtually impossible to talk about self defence.

They will disguise the removal of freedoms as “for the greater good” or “common sense gun control”.

They will rename your semi auto sport rifle an “assault weapon” your bolt action as a “sniper rifle” they will try to make handguns as the ultimate evil.

Your shotgun will be a “mass casualty weapon” and you will be chastised for pointing out the trigger doesn’t pull the finger, nor will owners help you who own other types of firearm not being targeted.

They will call your pellet guns “Air weapons” and without even a hint of sarcasm hand you a license with those words written on it.

It’s a slow game with a very open intention. The UK is well down that hole, as is Australia where the below pic was taken.

Canada’s government is as I type trying to ban airsoft and bring in more firearm legislation.

America, you have a President and majority party that wants to throw out the 2nd Amendment. And the thing is due to the party system it may even be possible as the checks and balances put in place by the founding fathers relies on each part of the system keeping the other in check, you can’t do that when each is stacked in favour of a party.

It’s not about which discipline you shoot anymore, the fight back goes beyond that.

It’s those who value liberty and the right to private property versus those that want to tell you how to live every aspect of your life, and indeed to need to ask their permission to deviate from their gospel.

I’ve said it many times but the ultimate defence is offence in the modern world of Social Media, the quiet will gain nothing, the loud change minds.

It’s not the 20th century anymore, it’s time to catch up.

Before shooting worldwide dies the death of a thousand cuts.


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