I’d just like to say to the guy that took offence to a question of the week a while back and went to my buddies shop to make a thinly veiled threat (if I didn’t remove the article they would contact PSNI to make sure they knew about my disability in the hope I would have my FAC revoked.)

It’s definitely on record now that I have the bone disease even though it doesn’t effect my safe handling of a firearm.

I wasn’t sure if it was before but it definitely is now.

So fill your boots, I wear my disability very openly and refuse to be mocked by dickheads.

As a side note, if you see me at a range and I didn’t specifically ask for your advice, don’t assume it’s OK to give it anyway.

Nor should you assume my disability makes me weak, it doesnt. In fact it makes me very determined.

Have a lovely day 🌈

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