Shooting has accomplished many things for me, it’s helped me gain mobility after over a decade of lying down, it’s got me out of the house and to push my own comfort zone, it’s given me focus and drive and has largely only ever been a positive thing in my life.

There’s been instances that pushed my patience in regards to people that take themselves far too seriously at ranges or that like to cause problems, but this is thankfully not as common as it once was since I started documenting and publishing these experiences. It seems when you expose issues to sunlight they tend to evaporate quickly.

I’ve taken a break from my usual work due to severe pain and at the weekend I took my buddy Sam with me up the mountain, to blow through whatever 9mm and 22LR I had left with the Glock 17 and the 22/45 lite.

To say it made me feel better would be underselling just how much I’ve taken from my one trip to the range.

To just squeeze a trigger in a safe environment and being left alone to do so was heaven to me. I’ve been telling Sam ever since we started shooting together that to shoot pistols is for me the ultimate in the sport.

It’s what I love most, yes some say it’s boring if you just shoot paper or steel, well it’s OK if you don’t like it, but I assure you to me a good 9mm handgun, a safe range and 1000 rounds is a good time.

Make that any caliber handgun, my 22LR makes me smile just as much as a 45ACP.

The smile on both our faces when we got back to the car reminded me of why I do what I do, I just wish more people felt the same.

It’s for the love of Shooting.

-Mike Lindsay

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