A lot has happened in my life in the last few months, I’ve taken a much needed break from posting to social media and creating content for shooting in general as I was beginning to feel a little burnt out. I had been posting daily for 5 years so I hope thats understandable.

However the opening of a new range on my doorstep has left me feeling very hopeful for shooting in Northern Ireland as a whole, especially due to the fact that the guy opening it isn’t likely to fall into the traps that other ranges fall into in regards to cliques, gossip or indeed myopic strategies designed to keep people away, instead of trying to grow shooting and bring it into the 21st century.

A range in the US

It’s well known I’ve had many issues in regards to clubs in my shooting career, the worst being when I tried to get into pistol shooting the first time here and was met with nothing but road blocks and an unwelcoming attitude, it was a prime example of how not to run a club but you can read that experience here. I won’t cover old ground again as frankly I don’t think it is worth my energy.

Club Indoor range

The club is after all a system that can be open to abuse by people that relish a little bit of authority, and unfortunately this can sometimes make the entire experience of pulling a trigger a lot less fun than it should be. After all, nobody likes paying into a system to get abuse, right?

So the concept to me of a pistol club being ran with the intent of just getting people to pull a trigger that is on my doorstep is one that fills me with a renewed optimism that had quite frankly been non existent in me for a while now, I want to see them doing well and to become one of the biggest in the province, I want a club I can show to the rest of the UK and to be able to say, “this is how it is done”.

I believe shooting sports should be accessible and welcoming, I believe in a fair environment for those wishing to partake in anything that shoots and that gossip and general passive aggressive bullshit should be avoided, as it should in most pursuits in life. Shooting should be fun after all.

I don’t go to a range to be popular or to talk about other shooters, I go so I can shoot in peace in an environment the police say I can do it, I want to be able to pull up, sign in, make my way to a lane and shoot. That’s it, no more and no less. And I believe this new club will make it possible for shooters to do that in a central location, and for that I’m very happy as travel is difficult for me due to my mobility issues.

I will keep you posted on how it goes and I wish them all the best with many years of successful business ahead.

-Mike Lindsay


  1. Mike, sounds interesting. I’m much the same. Turn up shoot have a craic but leave the bitching at the door please. My daughter is moving over to belfast soon and i would live to be able to do some pistol shooting when i visit . Whats the beat way to do that?


    1. Best way would be to go to an open day with a member of the club or to contact them to arrange a visit. I will be publishing a follow up post to this with more details when I attend their opening


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