My name is Mike Lindsay.

I’m a freelance Journalist specialising in firearms and shooting sport, the firearm advisor and spokesman for the Libertarian Party UK and was heavily involved with the creation of their firearm manifesto, the Northern Irish representative for Firearms United Network Europe and Founder and leader of the Owner Rights Cooperative an advocacy group for shooters and legal gun owners.

Shooting gave me me life back after being crippled and basically housebound for over a decade, it gave me a reason to go on and for that I’m truly thankful. As a disabled shooter I want to give as much as I can back to the sport so promote it daily with my social media presence, I advocate and arrange opposition to more legislation when I can and actively campaign for some logic in government when it goes to firearms rather than knee jerk reactions.

I use memes, articles, videos and online interaction as a means to counter anti shooting propaganda and have followers from around the world.

Welcome to my site.


Mike Lindsay