Mike Lindsay Firearms Trusted Retailers

Olight UK

I’ve been reviewing products from Olight for a while now and the company continues to impress me.

I own several of their torches including 3 pistol lights and haven’t had any issues whatsoever, to me that says a lot.

The products are well built, reliable, innovative, functional and all with a lifetime guarantee but at a reasonable price.

The team in the UK are fantastic and I presented Tom at Olight UK with the much coveted Mike Lindsay Firearms Trusted Retailer vinyl for their headquarters in Northern Ireland.

I fully recommend Olight to anyone that asks and look forward to seeing what they come up with in the future.

Field and Stream, Moy, Northern Ireland

The second of my Gold Standard Mike Lindsay Firearms awards goes to a dealers I do around 90% of all my firearm transactions with (and for good reason), a family owned business and one I’m happy to call friends – Field and Stream in Moy.

Ivor, Andrea and Mick are very well known in the Northern Irish gun community and have been giving trusted advice for decades to all who ask. They tirelessly dedicate their time to keeping sportsmen and women shooting even under the sea of legal red tape and are always there to advise on what firearm you should spend your hard earned cash on.

My award is reserved for only the best I’ve encountered and I’m very happy to have presented Andrea with their shops very own award for being outstanding retailers in the field and one who should be a benchmark for others to follow.

I can’t recommend the team at Field and Stream Moy enough, I highly advise anyone in the area to pay them a visit. Just say Mike sent you.

I hope to do business with them for many years to come and offer my congratulations on winning the standard.